Know What You Want

I Confess:

With no relationship criteria written down, I fell for the first man who sat a Long Island Tea in front me and told me how beautiful I was.  Really?


If you are unprepared to date, the single world is a brutal place to learn life’s lessons.  If you desire a meaningful relationship then you must ready yourself for the dating world.  Before you post your online profile, go on that blind date, or give that hot guy your phone number, you should, at the very least, know what you want from a relationship...better yet, write your criteria down on a sticky note and post it on the fridge!  Just like it is not wise to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach, as you will drag home the contents of aisle 5.  Likewise, if you do not know what you are looking for, you will bring home Mr. Wonderful and later wonder why your heart got broken.  One leads to a stomach ache, the other to a heart ache or worse, divorce.

For example, you personally know that you need a family focused, spiritually-minded, monogamous relationship.  Then, no matter how cute he is, how good he smells, you will not want to partner up with a man who does not like children, does not share your faith, and who considers monogamy a ball and chain.  You see, this really isn't all about you.(I know...that was a little difficult for me to confess).  A worthwhile woman considers her potential partners wants and needs, as well.  It is not fair to know what you want and then lead a man to believe that you are okay with his traveling schedule and later expect him to give up his career for you. 

It is not my job to judge what your relationship criteria should be. I just want you to be true to yourself and take the time you need to discover who you are and what you want, for you! Dating, for the worthwhile woman, is not complicated.  It is very simple and straightforward.  First, know what you want.  Second, put yourself out there and start dating.  Third, have fun and determine if he meets your relationship criteria, and if so, date until you decide you both decide you want to be a couple.  However, after a few dates, the red flags are popping up, move on.  

Girlfriend, life is so incredibly short.  I know you are sick of watching re-runs on Saturday evening when your friends are coupled up and going out.  And I know you think your relationship status on Facebook has only one option "Single". I know how you feel when you are out running errands and you see the couple in front of you holding hands...and you wonder...what's wrong with me?  But hang in there...make the changes you need to make and prepare yourself for the dating world.  If not, you will settle for the first man who tells you how beautiful you are and buys you a Long Island Tea. Really?







The Alpha FEMALE

Make no mistake about it.  Throw an alpha female to the wolves and that woman has the intestinal fortitude to bounce back leading her pack.  And if she's really good...they'll be holding hands and singing kumbaya when they return!

An alpha female is not a dominate, overbearing, man-hater.  If Mr. Right is lucky enough to find himself a true alpha female, he can rest assured he has found a lifelong partner that will help him navigate through life and have a fun time doing it!  

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Embrace The Place

I remember the morning I woke up with the sheet tangled around my ankles.  I was lying sideways across the mattress with my head hanging over the side of the bed.  And no, I did not have a hangover.  But it was obvious that being single had transformed me into a bed hog.  I wrestled the comforter around the mattress and dug my socks out from under the blanket.

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