My Story

Let me begin my story by saying that I love a man.  I love the smell of his cologne, the sound of his voice, and the way he leans in to kiss me.  I admire his sense of adventure and his ability to take over in a crisis.  I appreciate the way he spoils me, protects me, and opens the door for me.  And there is something that rocks my world when a man can fix what I have broken.  

It is the love of a man that makes me love being a woman.

After a series of unsuccessful relationships, I was still not ready to give up on love or, for that matter, believe that all men were bad.  So I set out on a journey of self-discovery to answer two questions.  What did I do wrong and was it too late to find my Mr. Right?

I discovered that at the heart of every man, is a desire to be loved and cherished by the woman of his dreams. And as a woman wishes to be pursued and courted, a man longs to win her affections...there is a woman he searches for.  A woman that he desires to give his heart to. 

With that being said, everyone likes to play a good game but no one likes to get played.  And just like the playground has rules to keep the little kids from getting hurt...a single woman,in the dating world, must have rules that protect her heart.  

Confessions of a Single Woman will show you how to date safe, have fun, and enjoy your life while Mr. Right is out there moving heaven and earth to find you!  

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“Reading this book was like talking to my girlfriends over a warm cup of tea! It was steeped in fact, humor and real world experience.”                                                       Michelle|Single Mom                                                                                  

“I loved reading this book! No one tells young women what to expect in the real world of dating.”           Emily|College Student                                                                                                           

“Ms. Johnson gets up-close, personal, and sassy as she tells the personal dilemmas facing woman-kind today. She reveals the heart and soul of a woman with courage, honesty, and forthrightness.  Marsha presents her work in such a way that you can’t lay the book down."                 Mr. Jimm Jacobs|Author